Weather routing and strategy

We work on very special operations which need accurate forecasts, like finding boats which have been abandoned, dry docking super yachts with big masts, towing barges, launching boats, …

Our forecasts are personalized and take into account all the constraints which have been determined prior to the crossing (wind, gusts, sea state, current, thunderstorms, …).

We monitor the models all year round with the accurate feedback from the racing boats and select the best models for each region of the world.

We base our analysis on the ensemble and the deterministic models. The ensemble models offer the possibility to have a probabilistic approach of the weather forecast on the long term (up to 15 days) and also the very short term (for example: what is the probability of having less than 8 knots in the max gust tomorrow for a special operation).

Polars for the routings

We build for you a polar which takes into account the different wind speeds and wind angles to optimize the weather routing. We can update the polar anytime during the crossing to adjust to the reality.

The routing software we use can also adjust the routing with the waves conditions and the crossed seas 

Historical weather analysis

We provide historical weather analysis on a passage with the ERA 5 reanalyzed models from the European Center. It helps to determine the weather and waves conditions for passages we are not very familiar with.